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Table 1 Summary of the cases of Malignant Deciduoid Mesothelioma in the peritoneum, reported in the literature

From: Malignant Deciduoid Mesothelioma: case presentation of an exceptional variant and review of the literature

Author(s) Sex/age Asbestos exposure Type of specimen Histology
Talerman et al. [1] F/13 No Biopsy Deciduoid
Nacimento et al. [2] F/23 No Biopsy Deciduoid
  F/24 No Biopsy Deciduoid
Orosz et al. [4] F/15 No Biopsy Deciduoid
Shanks et al. [5] F/53 Yes Biopsy Deciduoid
  M/65 Yes Biopsy + autopsy Deciduoid
  M/55 Yes Tumor resection Deciduoid + tubular and sarcomatoid areas
  F/55 No Biospy Predominantly tubulopapillary +
sarcomatoid areas,
deciduoid cells
Desai et al. [6] F/53 NA Tumor resection Deciduoid
Gillespie et al. [7] F/50 No Peritoneal cytology Deciduoid
Okonkwo et al. [8] F/30 No Tumor resection Deciduoid
Shia et al. [9] F/51 NA Tumor resection Deciduoid + tubulopapillary
  M/56 Yes Resected specimen Deciduoid + tubulopapillary
Chung et al. [10] F/47 No Resected tumor Deciduoid
Maeda et al. [11] F/24 No Resected tumor Deciduoid
Kimura et al. [12] M/70 No Peritoneal biopsy, Deciduoid
Mourra et al. [13] F/41 No Tumor resection Deciduoid with pleomorphic nuclei
Ustun et al. [14] F/59 No Tumor resection Deciduoid
Ordonez [15] M/78 No Biopsy Deciduoid
  M/62 No Peritoneal nodules Deciduoid
  M/56 No Biopsy Deciduoid
  F/39 No Biopsy Deciduoid
Huang [16] M/18 No Biopsy Deciduoid
  F/ 64 Yes Biopsy Deciduoid
Wolff-bar [17] F/8 No Cytoreductive surgery Deciduoid + tubulopapillary
Our case F/35 No Biopsy Deciduoid
  1. NA Not Available