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Table 3 PCR sensitivities for the detection of seven different HPV types. HPV recombinant plasmids were diluted in a background of 100 ng C-33A DNA and amplified (50 cycles) by the GP5+/GP6+ protocol or by the TDP3 method. HPV detected, HPV undetected, Σm Total number of mismatches between the GP5+/GP6+ primers and the target HPV type.

From: Touchdown General Primer (GP5+/GP6+) PCR and optimized sample DNA concentration support the sensitive detection of human papillomavirus

   GP5+/GP6+ TDP3
Σm HPV 1.5pg 150fg 15fg 1.5fg 150ag 15ag 1.5pg 150fg 15fg 1.5fg 150ag 15ag
2 16
3 33
3 45
4 31
4 56
7 52
10 51