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Table 1 T-cell rearrangements were identified in the patient’s autopsy specimens by TCR PCR (a) and TCR Southern blotting assay (b)

From: B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia showed triple transformation, to diffuse large B cell, CD20-negative, and T-cell neoplasm during ofatumumab treatment: a case report

(a) T-cell receptor rearrangement PCR assay
 TCR chain Assay region Cervical Paraaortic Liver
 TCR γ (TRG) Vγ1–8,10/Jγ + + +
Vγ9,11/Jγ +
 TCR δ (TRD) Vδ/Dδ/Jδ
 TCR β (TRB) Vβ/Jβ1,2 + +
Vβ/Jβ2 +
Vβ/Dβ1,2 +
(b) T-cell receptor rearrangement Southern blotting assay
 TCR chain   Cervical Paraaortic Liver
 TCR Cγ   + +
 TCR Cδ1   a a
 TCR Cβ1   + +
  1. aNormal rearrangement banding was strikingly weak. The assay suggests gene deletion or other irregularities