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Table 2 Performance result of the SD BIOLINE H. pylori Ag rapid test and dBest H. pylori Test Disk rapid Antibody test using EZ- STEP ELISA and SD H. pylori Ag ELISA test as standard at University of Gondar Hospital, 2015

From: Evaluation of SD BIOLINE H. pylori Ag rapid test against double ELISA with SD H. pylori Ag ELISA and EZ-STEP H. pylori Ag ELISA tests

Type of test Sensitivity %(95%CI) Specificity %(95%CI) PPV %(95%CI) NPV %(95%CI) Kappa value N(95%CI) P value
Ag rapid test (SD BIOLINE) 95.6 (88.8–98.8) 92.5 (89–94.1) 86.7 (80.5–89.6) 97.6 (93.9–99.3) 0.859 (0.759–0.906) < 0.001
Antibody rapid test (dBest) 75 (65.3–83.5) 30.8 (25.9–35.1) 35.7 (31.1–39.7) 70.7 (59.4–80.6) 0.046 (−0.069–0.147) 0.416
  1. Ag Antigen, CI confidence interval, ELISA Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay, N number, NPV negative predictive value, PPV positive predictive value, SD Standard Diagnostics