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Table 1 Antibodies

From: Differential expression of CK20, β-catenin, and MUC2/5AC/6 in Lynch syndrome and familial colorectal cancer type X

Antibody Clone Dilution Manufacturer
CK7 OV-TL 12/30 RTU Dako, DK
CK20 KS20.8 RTU Dako, DK
MUC2 Ccp58 1:25 Novocastra/Leica, UK
MUC5Ac CLH2 1:200 Novocastra/Leica, UK
MUC6 CLH5 1:50 Novocastra/Leica, UK
β-catenin β-catenin 1 RTU Dako, DK
Cdx2 Dak-CDX2 RTU Dako, DK
  1. RTU ready to use