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Table 1 List of antibodies used for immunohistochemistry of Kaposi sarcoma.

From: Pathology of rituximab-induced Kaposi sarcoma flare

Antibody Intended use Source Dilution
CD34 Endothelial marker Dako M765 Mouse monoclonal 1:500
CD31 Endothelial marker Dako M0823 Mouse monoclonal 1:200
LNA-1 Latent HHV8 infection Vector VP-H913 Rabbit polyclonal 1:40
K5 Lytic HHV8 infection Ab13.c5 Mouse monoclonal 1:1000
CD3 T-lymphocytes Dako A0452 Rabbit polyclonal 1:200
CD4 Helper T-cell subset Vector VP-C318 Mouse monoclonal 1:20
CD8 Cytotoxic T-cell subset Vector VP-C324 Mouse monoclonal 1:40
CD20 B-lymphocytes Dako M0755 Mouse monoclonal 1:3000