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Table 3 Cox regression analyses of FABP7 and Id4 immunoreactivity in relation to the survival of ODG and OAC patients

From: Id4 and FABP7 are preferentially expressed in cells with astrocytic features in oligodendrogliomas and oligoastrocytomas

Tumor Markers Immunoreactivity Status no. of cases p
ODG FABP7 & Id4 MG+ vs. MG- 4 vs. 11 0.524
  FABP7 cyto/nuc+ or cyt+ vs. - 8 vs. 2 0.859
OAC   nuc+ vs. nuc- 5 vs. 5 0.581
  Id4 cyto/nuc+ or cyt+ vs. - 5 vs. 5 0.573