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Table 1 Benign and malignant lipomatous tumors as listed by the current WHO-definition and MDM2 -status

From: Challenging dedifferentiated liposarcoma identified by MDM2-amplification, a report of two cases

Entity Dignity ICD-O MDM2 amplified
Lipoma Benign 8850/0 no
Lipoblastoma Benign 8851/0 no
Angiolipoma Benign 8861/0 no
Myolipoma Benign 8890/0 no
Chondroid lipoma Benign 8862/0 no
Spindle cell lipoma Benign 8854/0 no
Pleomorphic lipoma Benign 8854/0 no
Hibernoma Benign 8880/0 no
Well differentiated liposarcoma/atypical lipomatous tumor Intermediate, locally aggressive 8851/1 yes
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma Malignant 8858/3 yes
Myxoid liposacroma Malignant 8852/3 no
Pleomorphic liposarcoma Malignant 8854/3 no