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Table 1 Comparison of different tissue harvesting and extraction methods

From: A simple and cost-effective method of DNA extraction from small formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue for molecular oncologic testing

Stain-Harvest/Column Average DNA yield (ng/mm2) 260 nm/280 nm
U-SQ 555.0 1.92
H-PQ 505.0 1.84
H-PZ 109.0* 1.89
  1. The samples were divided into three test groups: U-SQ: unstained slides were scraped using a razor blade and gDNA was isolated by the Qiagen FFPE column; H-PQ: Pinpoint solution was applied to H&E stained slides, followed by extraction using the Qiagen column or Zymo column (H-PZ). See Methods for details. *Statistically significant lower yield (p = .0005).