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Table 3 COLD-PCR Enhancement According to Specific KRAS Mutation

From: COLD-PCR enhanced melting curve analysis improves diagnostic accuracy for KRAS mutations in colorectal carcinoma

Mutation Base Change Frequency in Colorectal Cancer Predicted To Enhance With Fast COLD-PCR? Fold-Enhancement With COLD-PCR
G12D GG T to GA T 35% Yes 11.5
G12V GG T to GT T 22% Yes 11.5
G13D GG C to GA C 19% Yes 9.8
G12C G GT to T GT 9% Yes 14.0
G12S G GT to A GT 7% Yes ND
G12A GG T to GC T 7% No ND
G12R G GT to C GT 1% No 1.1
G13R G GC to C GC < 1% No 2.5
Other Multiple < 1% Yes/No ND
  1. ND = no data; Frequency Is Based on KRAS Mutations Colorectal Cancer Reported in the COSMIC Database accessed July 2010