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Table 1 Primer and Probe Sequences (adapted from [11])

From: COLD-PCR enhanced melting curve analysis improves diagnostic accuracy for KRAS mutations in colorectal carcinoma

Primer/Probe Sequence Position Chr. 12
KRAS-F 5'-AAG GCC TGC TGA AAA TGA CTG-3' Intron 1/Exon 2 boundary 25398312-25398332
KRAS-R 5'-GGT CCT GCA CCA GTA ATA TGC A-3' Intron 2 25398168-25398189
Anchor Probe 5'-CGT CCA CAA AAT GAT TCT GAA TTA GCT GTA TCG TCA AGG CAC T-fluorescein-3' Exon 2 25398228-25398270
Sensor Probe 5'-Cy5.5-TGC CTA CGC CAC CAG CTC CAA-phosphate-3' Exon 2 spanning codons 12/13 25398273-25398293
  1. Chr.12: genomic numbering on chromosome 12, human genome build 19 (hg19, February 2009 build).