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Table 2 Chronic/sequellar processes: results of DMEI, DPE, culture of valve and clinical features and other biological parameters

From: Direct microscopic examination of imprints in patients undergoing cardiac valve replacement

  patient DMEI Culture of the valve Blood cultures during Blood cultures before the cardiac ATB Intra-
     the cardiac surgery surgery before the surgery cellular
       (time) bacteria
DPE+ 25 Neg S. hominis Neg / Yes ND
  26 Neg Neg Neg S. capitis Acinetobacter sp Yes Neg
  27 Neg Neg ND    
DPE- 28 Neg P. acnes ND S. agalactiae Yes > 15 days ND
  29 Neg P. acnes ND Streptococcus sp 2 Yes 15 days ND
  30 Neg Neg ND / Yes 2 months ND
  31 Neg Neg Neg / No ND
  32 Neg Neg Neg S. aureus Yes 2 months ND
  33 Neg Neg Neg S. aureus Yes 3 days ND
  34 Neg Neg ND / Yes 1 month ND
  35 Neg Neg Neg ND Yes ND
  36 Neg Neg ND    
  37 Neg Neg ND S. aureus Yes 1 month ND
  38 Neg Neg ND ND No ND
  39 Neg P. acnes ND Neg Yes 10 days ND
  40 Neg S. epidermidis ND / Yes 2 months ND
  41 Neg Neg ND Streptococcus sp 2 Yes ND
  42 Neg Neg ND / Yes 2 months ND
  43 Neg Neg Neg / Yes ND
  44 Neg OPF Neg Neg No ND
  45 Neg Neg Neg / Yes ND
  46 Neg Neg ND / No ND
  47 Neg Neg ND ND Yes 11 days ND
  48 Neg Neg ND ND No ND
  49 Neg P. acnes Neg Neg Yes 5 days ND
  50 Neg Neg ND    
  51 Neg Neg ND    
  52 Neg Corynebacterium sp ND ND No ND
  53 Neg Neg Neg S. pneumoniae Yes > 1 month ND
  1. DPE = direct pathological examination, DMEI = direct microscopic examination of imprints, 2 Streptococcus sp was identified as belonging to streptococci viridans group ATB = antibiotic; Neg = negative, ND = not done, OPF = oro-pharyngeal flora, retrospective study impossible for patients 27, 36, 50, 51.